Psalm 143:1 - "hear my prayer, O LORD, give ear to my supplications! In your faithfulness and righteousness, answer me"

1. Father I thank you for your great mercies upon my life, I thank you for being my supplier, my provider, my life-wire, my protector, the lifter of my head, my all in all, may your Holy Name be Praised forever more, Amen.

2. Father I pray unto thee today look on my affliction and my pain and forgive me all my sins and trespasses.

3. Father I pray unto thee, let your goodness and mercy follow me all through this year in the name of Jesus.

4. O Lord my God visit me with your goodness and drop fatness upon my path that my life maybe full of blessings and I may greatly praise you.

5. O Lord my Father Arise and vindicate me from every oppression of the enemy, deliver me from their evil plans and let them come and bow before me.

6. The righteous shall flourish like a palm-tree, he shall grow like the cedars of Lebanon, I shall flourish in every thing I lay my hands to do in the name of Jesus, Amen.

7. Revive me O Lord for your sake, for your righteousness sake bring my soul out of trouble, raise me from where I have fallen and destroy all those who afflicted my soul.

8. O Lord my Father how great is your goodness upon my life, I shall rejoice and be glad in them, for you have confounded my enemies and made my soul to rejoice.

9. My heart give you praise o Lord for thou has been my rock, the great Hill upon which my feet stay strong and unshaken, I'll give you thanks in the congregation of the mighty, may your Holy name be Praised.

10. Father I give you praise for thou has attend to my cry, thou has heard me even from the depth of the earth and satisfied my soul with goodness, I'll proclaim your Holy name among the nations for you are GOD and no one else.

Psalm 65, 92, 143

- Pastor Fred


Psalm 80:3 - Restore us, O God; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved_

Restoration is very important in the life of anyone that is experiencing setbacks. Setbacks can be caused by sin or disobedience to instructions. In the scripture the Israeli nation experience setbacks due to disobedience to the Word of God but when they repented and turn back to God they were restored. If you are experiencing setback, you will need God to elevate and restore you to your formal elevated state where things are going well and smoothly for you, Join me and pray this prayer:

1. Father I thank you for your Power of restoration that is going to visit me today and turn things around for me, may your Holy name be praise forever more.

2. O LORD my father restore everything that has fallen apart in my life, anything that is bringing shame and disgrace into my life, turn them around for good in Jesus name.

3. In the name of Jesus, I decree and receive the restoration or turn around that will change my life forever.

4. When the Lord turn again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream, Father in the name of Jesus turn around every captivity of my life and let my mouth be filled with songs of praise.

5. I pray for restoration upon my life, upon my business, upon my finances, upon my children and upon every works of my hand in the name of Jesus.

6. Anything that has been taken away from me I command them to be restored to me in many folds in the name of Jesus.

7. Today I decree and I receive the restoration that will cause me to shout and dance for joy in the midst of many people in the name of Jesus.

8. Any thing or any hand blocking my restoration, I command the fire of the Holy ghost to destroy them in the name of Jesus.

9. O LORD my Father anyone you are going to use for my restoration begin to touch and speak to them right now concerning me and let them begin to act on my behalf in the name of Jesus.

10. Father deposit the power of revival that will bring restoration upon my life and all in the name of Jesus.

11. Everlasting Father I thank you for restoring me back to my formal position and even to a greater level now, may your Holy Name be praise forever more, Amen.

- Pastor Fred.


"For kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations." Psalms 22:28

Every nations in the world is owned by God, for God rules in the affairs of man, therefore today we lift up our voice to pray and ask God to intercede upon the nations, to those nations that are experiencing war and killings especially in Africa and Asia, we pray that the Lord will send forth his peace to them and to all his people upon the surface of the earth in the name of Jesus.

1. Father I thank you for the nation's of the world, I thank you for you rule among the affairs of men, I give you praise for your Power And Glory is evident and shall be evident in all nations of this world in the name of Jesus.

2. Father I commit the countries of the world into your hand, take preeminent control of all authorities in the name of Jesus.

3. O LORD my father I pray for all troubled nations in the world especially in Africa and Asia, I pray that you settle them on all sides and let your peace Reign upon their lands.

4. Every wicked and evil men that are causing trouble and raising uprising in each countries Father uproot them from among men in the name of Jesus.

5. Every wicked laws that are making things difficult for your people upon the face of the earth, we cancel such law in the name of Jesus.

6. Father in the name of Jesus I decree peace upon Israel, Syria, Nigeria, USA, UK and upon every other nations of the world.

7. O LORD every laws and ordinances in the nations that are against your righteous course we nullify and cancel them in the name of Jesus.

8. O LORD let mercy come upon our lands and upon every kingdoms upon the world, forgive us every sins our fathers have committed wherein we are reaping the fruit thereof

9. In the name of Jesus, we pray for everyone in authority, that you will fill them with righteousness and let them give righteous judgment and good justice for the people in the land.

10. Father we pray that you will interfer upon the activities of all nations, and also upon the United Nations that they will see your power, your glory, your righteousness and they will bow and give glory to your Holy Majesty in the name of Jesus.

11. Thank you Father for answering our prayers upon the Nations, thank you Father for as from today your power will begin to change activities upon the nations, thank you Father for your righteousness has prevail upon the lands, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Psalm 80, 85, 24

Pastor Fred